Minimum Requirements

Captain (Company Officer)
Certified Firefighter II & HazMat Ops
Missouri Licensed EMT or Paramedic
Certified Fire Instructor I & Officer I
NFA – MCTO & Leadership Series

Firefighter / EMT or Paramedic
Certified Firefighter I & II
Missouri Licensed EMT or Paramedic
Certfied HazMat Awareness & Ops

Employee Benefits

The paid employees of the district are supplied with a wide range of benefits. While some of these benefits are required by law, most are supplied through the Board of Directors dedication to the District’s employees.
Benefits are outlined as follows:
– Health Insurance (Employer paid)
– Retirement Pension Plan – MO Lagers (Employer paid)
– Life Insurance (Employer paid)
– Dental Insurance (Employee paid)
– Vision Insurance (Employee paid)
– Accidental Insurance (Employee paid)
– Progressive Vacation Allotment
– Holidays (12 per calendar year)
– Progressive Sick Leave Program
– Bereavement Leave
– Employee Assistance Program
– Shift Trade Program
– Deferred Compensation Retirement Plans (Payroll deduct)
– Annual Uniform Allowance
– Up to $4,000 in annual educational incentives and $10,000 in paramedic incentives.


To Download and mail a copy of the Employment Application, please click here.

Please return to:

Fort Osage Fire Protection District
400 E Monroe
PO Box 287
Buckner, MO 64016