Fire Prevention

Ask us about: Kitchen Safety & Fire Extinguisher Classes, Pluggie & Fire Pup Guest Appearances, Smoke Detector Installation, and File for Life Cards.






What Fire Prevention services do you provide?

The Fort Osage Fire Protection District provides fire prevention/education to the residents of the 110 sq. mile area we serve. This area includes the Fort Osage School District with four elementary schools, a middle, junior and senior high school complexes.

Who provides this education?

Education is provided by personnel visiting the schools and civic organizations. Presentations range from basic fire safety and prevention to apparatus tours. We also provide station tours and participate annually in, Fire Prevention Week, Change Your Clock and Change Your Battery campaigns.

What other ongoing programs do you provide?

We provide the following ongoing programs:

Smoke Detector Installation:
Through grants the district receives smoke detectors. Smoke detectors are an essential element for basic home fire prevention. Contact us immediately if you need a smoke detector installed.


File of Life:
This program is aimed at the elderly by having valuable patient information available for EMS responders. The residents are issued a patient card and refrigerator magnet to make it readily available.

Pluggie and Fire Pup:
Invite Pluggie and Fire Pup to your event today.

Kitchen Safety and Fire Extinguisher Classes:
This course is taught to eighth grade students in the junior high home economics class. The course is a two day seminar that emphasizes kitchen safety and also instructs students on how to extinguish pan and oven fires. The course is completed with all students extinguishing a fire in a pan. Although the course is taught primarily to the eighth grade students, it can be adapted to your group as well.

For more information, contact Administrative Assistant Hannah Daugherty at 816.650.5811.

Where can I find safety tips?

Post Your Address: For your safety, your address should always be clearly posted. Download this flyer for details and instructions.