Open Burning Permit

General Requirements

  1. The Fort Osage Fire Protection District must be contacted each day before starting to burn.
    • Weekday Phone Number: (816) 650-5811 (8:00 to 4:30)
    • Weekend Phone Number: (816) 650-5485
    • Fax: (816) 650-5819
  2. All open burning will take place during the time 3 hours after sunrise and 3 hours before sunset or from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, whichever is greater. You shall be responsible for preventing smoldering fires after the burning hours.
  3. Only vegetative waste originating from the applicants property, may be burned at a minimum of 200 yards from the nearest inhabited dwelling (except your own).
  4. All vegetation waste suitable for fireplace wood, posts, saw logs or other uses shall be removed prior to the burning.
  5. Should a smoke problem arise from the burning, you must correct the problem immediately.
  6. The permission to burn in no way relieves you of your obligation to comply with any local, county, state or federal rule or regulations.
  7. Should the stipulations of this permit be violated, the Fort Osage Fire Protection District and or the Missouri Air Pollution Control Program, reserves the right to revoke this permit to burn at anytime.
  8. To apply for an extension, the original permit must be resubmitted.
  9. Open burning is prohibited on RED, ORANGE, and YELLOW ALERT air pollution days in Jackson County, from April through September. Applicants can check our SkyCast alert or call (913) 383-7557.
  10. Open burning is prohibited anytime the National Weather Service has issued a fire danger due to weather conditions listed within their Hazardous Weather Outlook or a burn ban has been issued by the Fort Osage Fire Protection District.