Fort Osage Fire Personnel Roster

Administrative Personnel

Fire Chief: Jared White
Assistant Chief of Training: Jayson Bodine                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Office Manager: Christine Ruby
Administrative Assistant: Ashley Ropp

A Shift

Assistant Chief: Dan Melton
Captain: Thomas Lewis
Fire Specialist/Paramedic: John Kelley
Fire Specialist/EMT: Chris White
Fire Specialist/EMT:  John Macrander
Firefighter/EMT: Jeremy Hicks
Firefighter/EMT: Sean Burd

B Shift

Assistant Chief: Greg Daugherty
Captain: Nathan Hollingsworth
Captain: Richard Alexander
Fire Specialist/Paramedic: Lucas Pilgrim
Firefighter/Paramedic: Mark Lamoree
Firefighter/Paramedic Chandler Dye
Firefighter/EMT: John Lynch
Firefighter/EMT: Dylan Diebolt
Firefighter/EMT: Asa Biggs

C Shift

Assistant Chief: Keith Vollrath
Captain: Randy Trainer
Captain: Craig Cook
Fire Specialist/EMT: Jackson Rexford
Firefighter/EMT: Chase Everts
Firefighter/EMT: Joseph Tate

Board of Directors

Mr. Tim Brown: Chairman
Mr. Tim Runyon: Secretary
Mr. Larry Neidel: Treasurer


“Gone…But Not Forgotten”
Assistant Chief Harold Hollingsworth-Fort Chief 5- April 7, 2013